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Today’s Problems Need Expert Furnace Repair in Monroe Township, NJ

Even top-of-the-line furnaces may suddenly find themselves facing a serious problem. Damage or a software malfunction can disrupt your sense of comfort, which won’t be restored until the problem is solved. If your furnace is acting up, it might be time to think about calling for HVAC repair.


As your expert local HVAC company, Akshar HVAC specializes in furnace service, helping you solve problems and maintain good performance. Our experienced heating and cooling technicians can evaluate the system as a whole before recommending the best option for repairs. You can schedule an appointment for furnace repair in Monroe Township, NJ, by giving Akshar HVAC a call at 609-456-5808.


Three Signs You Need Furnace Repair Service

  1. Rising energy bills: If your energy bills have started soaring without a clear explanation, it often points back to a furnace that isn’t working like it should. In many cases the airflow has become restricted, forcing the furnace to work harder and use more energy.

  2. Unpleasant burning smells: While a burning smell accompanies many furnaces as they start for the first time each year, other odd smells can be cause for concern. Maybe the burner assembly is dirty or there are unsafe electrical connections. Ignoring these smells could allow the damage to spread, before eventually forcing you into premature furnace replacement.

  3. Performance problems (constantly running/short cycling): A furnace that runs nonstop or short cycles is usually experiencing some kind of issue. Our experts can identify the root cause, ensuring your furnace operates at peak efficiency, preventing further damage and unnecessary energy consumption. Waiting too long for a repair could leave you with furnace replacement as the more cost-effective option.

Common Furnace Repairs Akshar HVAC Can Offer

  • Replacing burner assembly replacement: A dirty or cracked burner assembly can lead to inconsistent heating or even a total breakdown. In some cases, the issue is only because the burner assembly is covered in dirt and grime.

  • Damaged electrical connections: Faulty electrical connections can pose a fire hazard and cause all sorts of furnace malfunctions. We can methodically check each one to help keep the furnace working safely.

  • Ignition system repair: Problems with the ignition system means your furnace could fail to start properly, or not at all!


Regular furnace maintenance is key to minimizing these problems. Our comprehensive cleaning and tune-up services give your technicians time to identify and fix issues before they get any worse. With a bit of luck, you’ll avoid problems entirely and can even lengthen the furnace’s life span!​

Call Akshar HVAC for Expert Furnace Repairs Fast

Don't let furnace problems leave you in the cold. Call Akshar HVAC today at 609-456-5808 to schedule your furnace repair appointment. We also offer a range of other services, including furnace installation, for other heating systems like heat pumps and boilers. Trust us to keep your home warm and comfortable.

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