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Leading Air Conditioning Repair Services in Monroe Township, NJ 

Even the most powerful, top-of-the-line air conditioners can run into trouble. Whether it's physical damage or a software glitch, a cooling system going haywire can quickly get in the way of enjoying your summer. You deserve a fast response from local experts who know how to get the job done right. Is your AC in Monroe Township giving you grief? Consider reaching out to Akshar for HVAC repair! 


As your trusted team of comfort professionals, Akshar HVAC is all about superior cooling solutions. We're pros at AC service, with a team of technicians dedicated to tackling your problems head-on. No matter how the trouble started, we’ll carefully inspect your AC until the best solution is clear.  


Ready to beat the heat? Schedule your appointment for AC repair in Monroe Township, NJ, by giving Akshar HVAC a shout at 609-456-5808. 

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Three Signs You Need Expert AC Repair Solutions in Monroe Township

  1. Skyrocketing energy bills: If you're seeing a sudden surge in your AC’s energy bills and scratching your head for an explanation, a problem with your AC might be the culprit. For example, a refrigerant leak can force your air conditioner to work much harder than it should, using more energy and increasing wear and tear. 

  2. Strange chemical or moldy smells: As the air conditioning pulls heat from the air, it also extracts the humidity present. Over time, this can lead to mold or mildew in the drain lines. A total clog can cause water damage on sensitive components, so it’s best to call for repairs before you’re faced with premature AC installation

  3. Longer or excessive cooling cycles: Does your AC seem to be in overdrive or can't seem to meet your temperature needs? Weaker or constant cooling cycles usually mean there's an underlying issue disrupting performance. We’ll get to the bottom of things and offer the most cost-effective solution. 

A Few of the Most Common AC Repairs Akshar HVAC Can Tackle

  • Refrigerant coil cleaning/replacement: Dirty or damaged refrigerant coils have an immediate and cumulative effect on your AC's performance, potentially leading to uneven cooling or even total system breakdowns. We’ll make sure to thoroughly check the coils for signs of trouble. 

  • Clogged or dirty drainage lines: If water leaks from the drain lines, it can cause all sorts of other malfunctions and plenty of damage. If we smell mold or notice sitting water, we’ll work tirelessly to uncover the source of your leak. 

  • Electrical malfunctions: When an electrical connection burns or becomes severed, it can keep your AC from working right. If we have to check every single one to find where the problem started, that’s exactly what we’ll do. 


While we’re happy to resolve these annoying AC repair problems, the best way to avoid them is preventive maintenance. Our routine tune-ups and other AC services give our technicians the chance to better support your air conditioning with the TLC it needs. Not only can you help avoid the risk of issues appearing altogether, but in many cases this maintenance can even extend the life of your AC! 

Give Akshar HVAC a Call for Expert AC Repair Today

Don't let a broken AC system leave you hot under the collar. From quick fixes to total cooling disasters, you can count on your technician for an affordable, yet lasting solution. Give Akshar HVAC a call today at 609-456-5808 to schedule AC repair in Monroe Township, NJ. 

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