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Stay Comfortable Year-Round with Our Exclusive HVAC Offers

PSE&G Instant Rebate Program & On-Bill Repayment

PSE&G customers can save up to $1,050 on qualifying high efficiency HVAC equipment. Customers may also qualify for on-bill repayment to pay for new equipment over time with 0% interest. For more information, visit PSE&G or call Akshar HVAC.


We offer free assessments for any HVAC system replacements. Call to schedule your assessment now. 

HVAC Bundle and Maintenance Plans

A. Best Option, High Efficiency ($8,500)

  1. AHRI# 208802614​

  2. ML17XC1-030-230 Air Conditioner

  3. ML196UH070XE48B Furnace

  4. C35-36B Coil

For PSE&G customers
- Over $600 in instant rebates
-As low as $102/month for 84 months
     - 0% down
     - 0% interest
     - No credit check
     - Pay directly on PSE&G utility bill

B. Good Option ($6,900)

  1. Lennox Merit ML14XC1S030-230 Air Conditioner

  2. Lennox Merit ML180UH070E36A Furnace

  3. Lennox C35-30A-2F Coil

- 2.5 Ton system
- Credit Cards Accepted
- Financing Available
- Fast Turnaround

C. Residential maintenance plan

- 300/yr for 2 visits a year (per system

- 1 AC and 1 Furnace or 1 Heat Pump and 1 Air Handler)     

       - If client has 2 full systems the price is 600/yr 

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