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Commercial Services

We Offer Full HVAC Services for Commercial Projects

Rooftop Unit Installation/Replacement

Rooftop units are essential to most commercial businesses. They provide high efficiency and cool/heat large spaces fast. Rooftop units also offer an added flexibility by allowing customers the ability to add on units if the space is altered.

When you need a new installation, turn to the experts at Akshar HVAC for your project. We provide your business with the best commercial rooftop installation.


Duct Work

Duct work is just as important as a new heating or cooling system. Leaky ducts, poorly insulated and balanced ducts are some of the reasons your new system might not performing at the highest possible efficiency. 

Our team is experienced in installing ducts of any size to properly fit the needs of the project.

Walk-In Cooler/Freezer Installation

Akshar HVAC assists businesses in the installation of their new walk-in coolers and freezers.

We are highly experienced in walk-in cooler/freezer installations


Reach-in Cooler/Freezer Installation

A reach-in cooler is essential to a commercial kitchen or retail business. From providing cold beverages to customers to keeping kitchen ingredients cold, reach-ins are a vital part of the business.

Our team provides fast and efficient installation services for reach-in coolers/freezers.

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